World Kettlebell Grand Prix Series 2017

Sergey Rachinsky

Welcome to the World Association of Kettlebell Sport Clubs!

WAKSC is a first community of sport clubs and organizations who practice kettlebell sport as their professional occupation

On you can find all information you need to know about Association activities (you can find it on “WAKSC” page) as well as latest news of kettlebell world. Just visit the “News” page.

In general WAKSC is an association of clubs spreading kettlebell sport all over the world. The “Clubs” page is an always growing in numbers list of kettlebell sport clubs. Interactive map will let you find a nearest kettlebell club in every city in any country (if such club exists in wanted location)

The “Organizations” page is designed for official unities, national federations and other communities in kettlebell world

Take your time to check out the “Grand Prix” page as it is focused on the most important WAKSC project of grand prix series all over the world. The Grand Prix series is a brand new type of competition which allows teams from different countries and clubs to compete each other

Gran Prix is the first tourment series in kettlebell sport where sportsmen and clubs from all
over the world compete with each other. Winners and medalists of Gran Prix are defined according to the final yearly rating of sportsmen and clubs.