World Kettlebell Grand Prix Series

World kettlebell Grand Prix series is a new and unique format of competitions in kettlebell sport, which allows not only athletes from all over the world compete with each other, but also kettlebell sport clubs to take part in the competition. The first Grand Prix series took place in 2014.

Athletes’ ranking

The main feature of the 2015 and the following Grand Prix series is an extramural competition (rating) of athletes and kettlebell sport clubs, founded on the best result in particular nomination shown in any tournament (stage) of the Grand Prix.

This allows athletes to prepare and show good results in only one or two stages, but at the same time to participate in the general standings of Grand Prix and to compete in absentia with athletes from all over the world!
If an athlete took part in several stages but in the same discipline, his/her best result goes to the chart. An athlete can take part in different disciplines at once.

Winners and medalists in every discipline and weight class are determined by the best results, no matter what tourment it was. It is called the principle of the overall standings.

Clubs ranking

According to the results of all Gran Prix tourments there compiles the rating on the basis of the scores.
Clubs can get points for:
1. Their sportsmen taking part in any of local Gran Prix tourments. 1 point

2. Their sportsmen taking part in any of tourments in their country. 2 points

3. Their sportsmen taking part in any of tourments held in the other country. 3 points

4. Places that their sportsmen get in the end of the year. The first place is equal to the number of participants. The
last place is 1.

For example, if there are 25 competitors, first place = 25 points. second = 24. third = 23… last = 1 point.
If there are 5 cometitors, then there are 5 points for first place, 4 points for second, 3 for third, 2 for the fourth place and 1 point is for the last, fifth place.

Grand Prix Cup

World Grand Prix Series Cup runs under the auspices of WAKSC
The name of the winning club of each year is recordered on the cup’s pedestal plate
The original trophy is kept at headquarters of WAKSC in St. Petersburg (Russia)
The winning club gets the exact copy of the Cup
The unified rules of the Grand Prix series competitions and certification of the results (at the tournaments) by the representatives of the WAKSC (World Association of the Kettlebell Sport Clubs) make the competitions fair and impartial and guarantee the authenticity of the results.

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