Girevoy Sport Toruń/Mentor Gym

The mission is to promote safe and effective forms of strength training (from girevoy sport and weightlifting to calisthenics ). Gym director: Wojciech Zimoląg

  • Girevoy sport classes
  • Kettlebell hardstyle classes
  • Functional and cross training classes
  • Wojciech Zimoląg  – coach of Girevoy Sport Torun team, coach in Mentor Gym
  • Wojciech Zimoląg:IUKL Europan Championships in Varna – I place (long cycle, 24kg)
  • Andrzej Michalowski: II place in Varna – long cycle – veterans, II place on IUKL worlds in Dublin, II place, long cycle – veterans


  • Szosa Chełmińska 166, Toruń, Poland
  • +48 737 470 218


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