Evolution Strength and Conditioning

Est. 2013

Hybrid training facility catering to athletes of all disciplines. Offering personal training, small group fitness classes, and private access memberships.


Club Director

Mike Salazar



  • Linda Heap
  • Rafal Radkowski
  • Tom Dade CMS long cycle 28+28kg
  • Mike Salazar Rank 1 long cycle 24+24kg
  • Linda Heap Rank 1 long cycle 16kg
  • Emily Dalton Rank 1 snatch 16kg
  • Lori Zaimi Rank 1 snatch 16kg
  • Karen Bayani Rank 1 long cycle 16kg


  • 6122 N Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL 60646, USA
  • 7735993861
  • Info@evofitchicago.com
  • http://www.evofitchicago.com


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