Innovative Results

Founded 2005.

Vivid Description

  • -Come to Innovative Results and experience the adventure of transformation from the most personable people in the world!
  • -Innovative Results provides a functional, playful, and hands-on environment that brings you back to nature and away from industry.
  • -Innovative Results is THE name for transformation, a driving force for bettering a community.


  • -Dedication to the Basics
  • -Diligent Change and Growth
  • -Service to the Community


  • -To improve the quality of life of our clients and our community.

Club director

  • Aaron Guyett
  • Aaron Guyett,
  • Corey Beasley,
  • Mark Elmasry,
  • Mason Murphy,
  • Madison Murphy,
  • Aubrie Pohl

Aaron Guyett:

  • MS Biathlon, MS Long Cycle, Absolute National Record in 24kg Biathlon 127 Jerk+222 Snatch=238 points,
  • Absolute National Record in 32 kg Biathlon 83 Jerk+130 Snatch=148 Biathlon,
  • and First USA athlete to achieve MS in 32kg Biathlon and 32kg Long Cycle at the same competition 148 Biathlon and 61 Long Cycle.


  • 2925 Airway Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, USA
  • 1-714-469-2654


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