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Linda Karlson,  the club owner about the beginning of her kettlebell career: “I got introduced to kettlebell by a coincidence when I met Allan Fallrø (IKFF) at the AirPort in 2010. I was looking for a way to get fit after my daughter was born in 2008 but had troubles finding a trainingmethod that I liked.
I bought a little red 6kg bell and an instruction- video from Allan, and started working out in my living- room.
After a while I changed my garage into a gym in 2013, started a Facebook- page and invited people to come and workout since there were no-one else in my region lifting kettlebells.
My Garage got too small, from 2014- 2015 I rented a school gym but now I have a new gym where I host competitions and trainings and hope the sport will grow.”

Linda says that her first competition was IKFF Open in Trondheim in 2013, since then she had been to a lot of competitions like White Nights in St. Petersburgh, a 2 hrs set in France, Half Marathon in Denmark (Ultimate Girevik Cup), traditional 10minute sets in Zürich, English Open, Norwegian Championship etc.

At the meantime Linda does 2 16kgs long cycle, and she is planning on moving on to 2 20kgs.
With Denis Vasilev as her coach, her goals will be achieved in no time.

Linda about her sportsmen: “My club is small and my lifters are new but I hope some of them will join the Nationals this November.
I am very proud of their achievements and hard work.”

Now Linda’s club had 3 coaches (Linda herself,  Sunniva Orre and Sabine Nehmert) and all-maxed three of them have KetAcademy Level 2 Certificates.

Linda about her future plans: “I hope to get more people into Kettlebell Sport and arrange competitions and events all the time to promote the sport.”

So if you happen to get lost or bored or you’ll Just feel the urgent need for kettlebell, hop into Linda’s gym for a good workout and positive emotions.

Interview and text by Alexander Markov Jr.


  • Håholen 7, 4313 Sandnes, Norway
  • +47 92270369
  • Post@KBFunClub.no
  • Facebookpage: KBFUNCLUB


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