Kettlebell Sanctuary

LVKC founded in 2014. Kettlebell Sanctuary founded January 2016.

Focus mainly on training the Sport lifts and preparing for competitions. Indian clubs & maces are used for shoulder mobility and core development.

Jump ropes, boxes, squat rack, pull-up bar and medicine balls are just some of the additional items available for strength conditioning.

Coach Moses’s goal is to create technically solid kettlebell sport lifters while having fun.

Club director

Michelle Latour

  • Moses Dungca
  • Tony Dyrek
  • Mia Paguio

Thomas Salazar

3rd place Biathlon Veterans Division 2015 IUKL World Competition in Ireland;
1st place Biathlon & 1st place Long Cycle Veterans Division at 2016 AKA Nationals

Tony Dyrek

AKA-CMS Biathlon 24kg ;OKC Level 1 Biathlon 28kg

Michelle Latour

AKA Level 1 16kg Biathlon, Snatch, OALC; OKC Absolute Biathlon Champion 2014

Other Information

Country:  USA
City:  Las Vegas


  • 6520 S Buffalo Dr #135, Las Vegas, NV 89113, USA
  • 1-702-929-2931


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