Koala Kettlebells

Club director:  Jorge Austria Garcia

Jorge discovered the Kettlebell Sport in 2012, when he attended the first certification of kettlebells in Mexico organized by Steve Cotter.

Jorge has since researched everything about this sport and has had the opportunity to train with the best teachers of the sport: Jeff Martone, Steve Cotter, Valery Fedorenko, Arseny Zhernakov, Ivan Denisov and his coach and friend Denis Vasilev.

They are pioneers in teaching kettlebell sport in Mexico City, KKB are also
the first to organize two international certifications kettlebell sport
with 6 times world champion Denis Vasilev.

Last July they have organized their first competition in Mexico City, with
participants from Venezuela, Brazil, USA and Mexico.

KKB specializes in kettlebell sport coaching, functional fitness, their mission is to promote the kettlebell sport in Mexico, through workshops, seminars, certifications and international competitions. In addition to help and teach correctly to all who are interested in learning this wonderful sport.

All the students are beginners and have 3 months learning the sport and now they are working hard to their first competition.

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  • Daniela Ocejo Uribe is coach of the club, she has level 1 and
    2 as instructor of kettlebell sport certified by Ketacademy (Denis
    Vasilev) in her first competition she did snatch 228 repetitions with
    8kg and has the rank II according to the ranking table of ketacademy.
  • Jorge Austria Garcia is a certified instructor level 1 and 2 by ketacademy (Denis
    Vasilev) and have taken several certifications in kettlebells with
    different teachers like: Jeff Martone, Steve Cotter, Valery Fedorenko,
    Ivan Denisov, and now with his coach and friend Denis Vasilev.In competition he participated in long cycle with 12kg doing 128
    repetitions, in OALC with 16kg 127 repetitions, and 31 repetitions
    double long cycle with 24kg.

    8 years ago Jorge had an injury to the cervical vertebrae and now the
    trouble has returned, in the last 6 months he have been working on
    rehabilitation, this is the reason why he have not increased the weight
    in his workouts.

  • Daniela Ocejo Uribe  – Kettlebell Sport Instructor Level 1,  2
  • Jorge Austria Garcia – Kettlebell Sport Instructor Level 1 & 2

Other Information

Country:  Mexico
City:  Mexico city


  • Mitla 3906, Narvarte Poniente, 03020 Ciudad de México, Federal District, Mexico
  • +52 1 55 24 92 43 91
  • koalakettlebells@gmail.com
  • http://www.koalakettlebells.com


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